Managed WiFi

Smarter, Simpler Wi-Fi

We help create powerful, easy-to-use wireless networks that automatically spread internet connection throughout the office, hotels, apartments, retail stores, restaurants - and just about anywhere else.


Key features

  • Zero configuration, plug and play networking
  • Speeds between 150Mbps and 1.17Gbps
  • Supports between 25 - 50 users (recommended)
  • Indoor range between 25ft - 150ft
  • Outdoor range between 100 - 600ft
  • Self forming, self healing mesh
  • Seamless roaming for continued connectivity across multiple access points
  • Four SSIDs for public and private use
  • Supports SSID to VLAN tagging
  • WPA2 encrypted
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Deploy networks and scales up easily with no on-site controllers

  • Zero configuration, plug, and play networking
  • Scale painlessly from a single access point to thousands of multiple locations with nothing to configure on site
  • 4 SSIDs per network, so you can customize unique public and private networks
  • Benefit from ongoing updates and feature enhancements at no additional cost